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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dearest Husband,

I was up before Zachary today, can you believe it?! I always worry about oversleeping on garbage day. So I got up & got the garbage out. I was reading the paper when Zach woke up. Nick was up & watching TV in his room. Not sure why he got up early today. He was up until after 10:30 watching the All Star Game. He then had to tell me the game was on until 1:42 am. Wow. Can you believe it? I guess it was a record longest game or something. I'm sure he'll fill you in on all that ;-)

Did 3 loads of laundry today. Had to wash Nick's uniform for tonight. After I get done here I'll take the rest off the line.

Jill & I took all the kids to the park. It was ok sitting in the shade. Came home & had lunch & now Lexi & Zander are going over to Roufs to run through the sprinkler & I guess A.J. is coming over. I'm gonna put Zach down for his nap.

Jill mentioned the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. It's a 60 mile walk. I guess it's in Sept so we wouldn't be able to do it until next year. You have to raise so much money & I don't think we'd have enough time this year. I wonder if I could walk 20 miles/day for 3 days?? Sounds like it'd be fun if a bunch of us did it together.

It's so hot again I don't think I want to do much else today. The floor needs scrubbing though, someone must of spilled something cause we've got a few ants.

Man did the garbage can STINK today. I hosed it out. I'm guessing the dead birds that we put in there did it. Yuck. I hope that smell goes away!!!

Zander was naughty at the park today. After we were there awhile, Nick decided to leave & headed home. Shortly after Zander asked where he went, so I told him that Nick went home. Well then he decided HE was ready to go too & took of on Alexa's bike (he walked up). I yelled at him to wait for us & that he could go home alone. Well by the time we got everyone else going, I looked down the road & didn't see him at all. Figured he followed Nick & went home. I was mad. I know he is good about looking before crossing the road, but the highway!??! He's never done this before. So we get what, a half a block to the ball park & there he is..up in the stands. He left her bike by the road & was at the ballpark. That turd. He still needs a punishment for that though.

I had a little talk with Nick today. I talked to him about how he said Dylan is a bully towards him & A.J. when they are together & how he didn't like that. I said that is the SAME way it is with Tyler. Nick is the bully towards him & to think about how it makes him feel. Nick was over there before for a little while & I don't think anything happened today but Jill told him to be nice to Tyler. So hopefully he is better with him. So annoying he can't play nice with him.

So I ordered the new camera last night. So excited about getting it & it should be here by Friday. Well as soon as I got off the phone with them I got that email stating it was OUT OF STOCK & I'd have it in 1-2 weeks. GRRR I was mad last night cause I really want it for vacation. So this morning I called to see if I could just switch to one of the other models but she said that today it's back IN STOCK & I should get it on Friday!! YEah!!! Not sure what happened, something about an upgrade or something. Whatever, I'm just glad it is still coming and I hope it's like what she said & a practically new unit. It's a refurbished unit but she said how alot of them are overstocks sent back or some have damaged boxes etc.....

Ok, I was just gonna go get my clothes off the line but Nick had to smart talk so now he's doing it.

Dearest Wife


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