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Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Blog Format...

So I decided to change up the old blog a bit.

It seems that with Phil working his new shift of 12 hour days that by the time he gets home from work and after the kids are in bed, there’s so little time & energy left for us to communicate like we used to. Or else I'm heading to the gym & he's heading to bed. I know he likes to know what we did that day & for me it's so much easier to say "nothing" than to give him the lowdown.

So here it is – the solution to all our communication rifts. Women like to emotionally purge… verbally. Men like to… well eat and other extracurricular activities that generally involve something physical. I read a review about the movie Iron Man and that told me exactly what guys like. Shiny things… shiny, loud things… and preferably fast.

So basically, we all know that men don’t really like to listen (as I seem to repeat myself so many times....OR I'll say something & you won't hear me and then ask me a question to what I had JUST answered that you somehow didn't hear! Anyhow, so I was thinking if I just typed it all here, you can have the opportunity (some might call it a punishment) to know the inner workings of my mind. Though I have to say that I think that the word “workings” is a massive stretch. How about the brokenness that is the inner sanctum of my brain? There we go...that's more accurate.

I’ve always liked to write which is obvious since I've been doing this blog for how many years now?!?!

At least when you're reading & I’m writing, (hopefully) we don't get interrupted by one of the four kids cause it seems like every time we do try to have a conversation, SOMEONE has something they HAVE to tell us......NOW.

Let's try this out & see how it goes, shall we??


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