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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dearest Husband,

Packed up the kids & two extras (AJ & Emily) & headed to Flandrau today. Man it was so hot that even the SAND was burning our feet!! I tried those googles w/ the mouthpiece & I'm not sure if I could learn to snorkle or not! I started to freak a bit like I needed air. Sort of how like I try to catch my breath when running. Anyhow, it worked ok & I did get to see the sand on the bottom. Would be cool if I could learn to do it better. Plus it'd help if kids weren't trying to jump all over me!

Well the camera still isn't working. I'm afraid we are gonna have to buy a new one. I emailed Canon & since it's not under warranty anymore they had a couple of options. Either send in for a repair estimate or I could get a refurbished unit (higher up model) at about 50% or more off retail. They had 3 to choose from. I'm leaning towards buying one of those. They can get it here in 2 days which I need to decide soon so we have it for our vacation.

I wore my 2 piece to the beach today to try to tan up the white belly...but dang that SPF30 stuff must REALLY work cause it's still pretty light. Not glaring white like your head, but it's white yet.

I'm trying to get Zander to nap today. He's in our room watching TV. He watch one show & then came out, I told him he had to watch one more & then he can get up. I'm not proud to say that some words came out of his mouth today that he obviously heard me say this morning. You know how it is when you get home & you have to yell at home within minutes. Well that was how it was this morning, we were barely awake & they all were fighting about something & I said some swear words. Well, as we were loading up the van after Flandrau, him & Zach were fighting about the shovel or something & then Zander had to let a few swear words out. He did use them in the right context if that means anything ;-))

Nick is waiting for A.J. to come back over here & then they are heading to the ball park for their game tonight. The LAST Peanuts Game & we both have to miss it cause of LExi's last softball game. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get enough baseball w/ the tournament this weekend. I ran into a mom from her team at Flandrau & she said they scheduled their end of season party for the Monday we are in the Dells. That figures. Oh well.

Well I better get the laundry put away. I did one load today before we left & Nick just brought it in (yes that was part of a punishment for him but now that I know he can get it off the line, I'll have to just add that as a regular chore for him).

Dearest Wife


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