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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rain Rain

Dearest Husband,

Wow, can you believe that storm we had overnight & this morning?! I don't know what time it was when I got woken up by the rain but I headed upstairs to bring the chair cushions in cause I forgot to put them away last night. Course they had already gotten wet but I put them in the garage anyhow. As I was walking upstairs I was greeted by Zachary....and at the top of the steps was Zander. They had both got woken up from the thunder. So the three of us headed to the couch for awhile & then when it seemed to calm down a little I took them to their room & *snuggled* with Zachary & then Zander wanted me in his bed. I heard you leave for work but then fell back to sleep.

It was so cute this morning. I was in Zander's bed but awake (it was probably around 8:30, no one was up yet) when I heard Zachary get up. He went to his window & peeked under the shade & just watched the wind blow the trees & the rain. He watched for quite awhile & then finally just laid back in bed. After a bit I got up thinking he'd follow me out but he never did.

I think it was close to 9:00 when everyone was finally awake. Can't believe Lexi slept through all the booms!

It pretty much stormed all morning & the one rain barrel tipped over & Nick & I managed to lift it up. That was HEAVY!! You could of used another barrel or two out there today!!

I worked on getting things ready for Lexi's Birthday Party since I think we need to get the invites out either before we leave for vacation or while we are on vacation. She is so excited!!

Well you just went to the library...wonder what *GREEN* books you'll come home with this time!

I hope it doesn't rain for volleyball tonight. Figures first time I get to play this season & the weather is crappy. Oh well, I'm sure I'll still have fun.

Dearest Wife


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