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Monday, July 14, 2008

Darn Cat!

Dearest Husband,

Today has started out with a bang. Well as you know last night, Zachary woke up around 4:30 & came in our room & then Zander screamed out shortly after that. I went to see what was wrong & he said it was DARK. Why yes Zander that is why we are suppose to be SLEEPING. So I slept with him until I heard water running. I thought the toilet was running again but nope it was you in the shower. I wonder if picking those raspberries did it to you again cause no one else has any bites. Regardless, I have the sheets washed & ready to hang them outside.

So I took Zachary up to his bed & then slept with Zander. He is still sucking his thumb once in a while so I think we will have to do the thing the dentist recommended. I'm sure he won't be happy with us at first & we'll encounter some bad nights..........but what else can we do?!!? He's 4, it's time this bad habit it stopped!!

The boys & I got up just after 8:30 & then when you called you woke the other two up. So I made some scrambled eggs, sausage, & toast for breakfast.

I'm not too happy with Pumpkin. He caught a BIRD this morning so we got to hear that poor thing screeching while Pumpking was either playing with it or trying to eat it?? I don't know, do cats eat birds like that? Yuck. So I'm guessing the dead bird you found was a result of that darn cat!!

Lexi just had a minor freak out. I was on the computer checking email quick before I get dressed & she started yelling PUMPKIN GOT IN THE HOUSE. MOOOOMMMMMMMM

I guess Zachary left the back door open & he came in & headed RIGHT to Lexi's room again. I managed to get him out but darn that girl can be dramatic over nothing!!!

Well Lexi & Zander headed to the neighbors, Nick is playing playstation & Zachary is waiting for me.

On the list for today....get dressed, hang out the sheets, clean up the breakfast dishes, make some banana bread (since no one is eating those bananas Grandma left here I thought a loaf of bread would be good!) and I want to get the lawn mowed. At least the front yard. I know it's dry but it's long in some parts.

Oh the bathrooms could use a cleaning too.


Dearest Wife


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