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Monday, October 20, 2003

The REAL test ...........

Another update on Lexi! Today was her first day away from mommy & daddy as far as potty training goes. She went to Mary's today.

We took her potty chair with (well, the top part of it that you can fit on the big toilet). Here at home she uses the whole chair.

Anyhow, I wasn't sure how she would do today. I dropped her off in pink pants........and when I went to pick her up......she was STILL in her pink pants!!

I said "Lexi, you didn't have ANY accidents today?" And then Mary says "nope....but she never went either" HUH?? She never went pee at ALL TODAY!?

She went at 8:15am for me. It was about 8:45 when I dropped them off. Then Mary said they tried at 10, & again at 1 before nap. NOTHING. She put a pull up on her for nap, but she woke up dry. I got there about 3:45 pm. I took her to the bathroom & she did pee w/ me.

So then we got home & she went into the house, I went & got the mail & was carrying some stuff in. She was in the bathroom w/ her pants down & trying to figure out what was missing from her potty chair. I was just bringing that in & she said she had to poop.

So she pooped. She must have been holding that all day too.

She did GREAT tonight. Another poop around supper & not a single accident today!! We are so proud of her!

But I'm not sure if her holding it all day like that was good???? I've heard of little ones holding their poop (KENNEDY!?!?!) but not pee.

Tomorrow-Thurs she goes to grandma's & I'll bring the whole potty chair thing & see how it goes. I hope it's not that she can ONLY go to the bathroom with mommy or daddy. That wouldn't be good!!


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