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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Potty training update......

This is the 4th day Lexi has been wearing underwear. In 4 days, she has had 2 accidents!! Pretty darn good! The one last night was probably by own fault. I had dropped the kids off at Barb & Mark's & went to the mall (had to spend my Gymbucks!!). When I got back, Barb had said that Lexi hadn't gone at all & so I should have put her on the toilet right away. I asked her if she had to go & she mumbled something & then I was busy w/ the food I brought & about 10 seconds later she said she peed. I'll take the blame on that one!

She woke up dry this morning too......is down for her nap now & so far the 3 days she has been able to stay dry during her nap.

Last weekend I bought 2 MEGA packs of diapers. It's looking like we won't need those anymore!! I guess the real test will come next week when she's not w/ mommy or daddy but with Grandma & Mary. Hopefully they can work with her & keep it up!!

I wasn't expecting to be DIAPER FREE in 2003!!!!!! Hope I'm not jinxing myself here!!


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