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Friday, October 03, 2003

The closet has begun..........

We are in the process of adding a closet to the basement bedroom. I had *thought* we were going to hire a professional to do the job. I was wrong.

As I type, Mr. Handy Man himself (AKA PHIL) is starting to work on the closet himself. He is having a friend from work come later in the week to help. This friend has an *air gun* Impressive, ey?!? Here are some before pictures. This is as you would be walking into it. Here there will be a wall put up against the water heater & softener. It should be a really nice walk-in closet when it is finished. Something along these lines is what we are hoping for. It's gonna be huge. Probably like the one pictured near the bottom. It'll be a U shape I think.

It will be nice to gett things more organized around here! I just hope it turns out halfway decent & not too much DUCT tape is involved.


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