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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ultrasound was today!!

I was suppose to have the appt at 8:30 today...yesterday they call & say they have to change it, can I come in at 10:00. Sure. So I get there at 10:00, Phil & Lexi meet me there while Nick is at school.

We sit in the waiting room until 10:30.....Lexi LOVED that ;-) Great start, huh??

Then they call my name & I know the lady. Neighbor to my parent's...has been doing US's for 20+ years I suppose. She did Nick's US too. VERY nice lady & I like her. So I'm feeling good.

So she takes us into the room w/ 2 other techs. She's explaining the machine to one of the ladies & I'm wondering what the hell is going on. Then she leaves. This other lady says "I've been doing US's for 20 yrs....just not on this machine"

Wonderful. At *least* she wasn't a rookie, but kind of felt that way as she didn't know the machine very well at all.

First thing she asked us was if we knew if it was a boy or girl. We said NO. Then she asked if we wanted to know. We hesitated. I sort of said no....Phil says "you said no"

So she does all the measurements & such. Did a picture for us. HORRIBLE. I think she was rushed at the end. I asked a question or two during it & she said "just be patient & I'll show you all you want to see after I'm done w/ the measurements"

Well, she got done & then time was up. Phil asked at the end then what it was. She says "I thought you didn't want to know, so I didn't look. I have no idea"

So I'm wiped up & then she says "well let's take a look"

So she looks again....the other lady says "well you can whisper it to him" (I was so hesitant about it. I think either you WANT to know or not. I was in the middle!)

She looks around..........maybe a whole 5 seconds. "well, I'm sorry but I don't know, I can't see"

So I don't know if because we sounded so undecided that she took it as a no, or if she just needed to get us out of there!

We left, I was fine. Phil was disappointed I could tell. Really surprised me because he was always saying that it didn't matter if he knew or not & if I didn't want to know that was fine. Well, I could tell he was NOT fine with it! MEN! He said "it would be neat to know if you have a chance to find out" He only has 4 1/2 more months & we'll know! LOL

I'm still going with my gut feeling that it's a girl. How about some name suggestions? Seems like everyone I've suggested has been a NO. I'm running out of names I like!!


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