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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"You Got A Mess"

Those were the words I just heard on the phone.

To bring you up to speed.....last week Phil ripped off our front deck cause we decided we would cement it all & have cement steps. I told him we probably should first get an estimate & find someone to do it. Nah, he could do it with some friends at work. Ok, well you remember last time we had *friends* do concrete work. In case you don't, his friends from work did the first half of our driveway & today we have a HUGE crack that I swear someone is gonna trip on & hurt themselves on. The other half of the driveway, MY friends from work did. If you don't recall that, well they did a shotty job & we wouldn't pay so they took us to court. AH, that was fun.

So anyhow, we've had no front steps for about a week & called the guy who did our garage floor to come give us an estimate. He came out on Tuesday & just called back with the estimate.

His first words were "you got a mess out there" Hello, we know our driveway is crappy, we just need cement in the front part. So he goes on to say that the prefab steps would run about $700. Whooly. Way more than we thought. And he'd have to tear out a section of cement sidewalk that is already there because he couldn't match up to it etc.....so anyhow, his estimate was about 3x as much as we thought this *little* project was gonna cost. Maybe 4X. In the meantime, I called another person to come give an estimate & I'm waiting for his call back.

So we may go back to the drawing board........maybe back to wooden steps. I feel a headache coming on.


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