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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Last night we went to the first home game for the MSU Maverick Volleyball team. They made a clean sweep of North Dakota & beat them in 3 games. The 2nd game was a close one but they pulled it out.

Nick & Eric are on the *Crew Court* this year. In other words, they get to chase the ball & hold onto the extras until needed. Nick really enjoyed doing it, Eric said there was too much getting up & down.

Just got interrupted...Phil came RACING home....him, Nick, & Zander went to the river fishing for a bit & he came home for the camera. I guess we'll have to post that later to see what they caught.

Ok, where was I. Volleyball game. So we dropped Nick & Eric off early & the rest of us went to eat at Noodles & Company. You know, Phil's new FAVORITE restaurant. The guy that HATES noodles. Anyhow, I ordered a big bowl of the mac & cheese for Lexi, Z & Z. Well I ended up eating some too. Lexi *looked* at it & said she didn't like it. Ok, maybe she ate ONE noodle. Ok, I just asked her, she ate TWO noodles. I guess that is how you stay skinny. I should try it. Z & Z ate real well.

Went to the game & all Ashley's fans were present & accounted for. Us (that's 6 right there, LOL) Fred's, Grannie & Gramps & Grandma Brandel. Tonight there will be a few more as Tyler's mom, sister & nephew will be there. I guess Ashley told them they get to meet her *crazy* family. Huh? What's THAT about?

After the game, she invited us into the locker room where they all got to bring a couple of family/friends/fans with. She took me & the 4 kids & Eric. We did the Maverick cheer at the end & even Zach joined in & threw his hands in the air & yelled Horray! or something like that. hehehe

We then headed to her apartment cause Phil wanted to see ALL their fish. They started with 8.....they are down to 3. They need to get a few fish lessons from Uncle Phil I think.

Today we've got a busy day. I'm heading over to the new neighbors shortly for a Pampered Chef Party. (they have 3 kids & their kids & ours have gotten along great) Jill does what I do.....ya, you know Donna....NOTHING!!! So we get together during the day cause we have absolutely NOTHING else to do!! It's been great to have someone else in the neighborhood my age doing nothing. Besides all the retiree's doing nothing too, it's nice to have the young blood.

So anyhow, they are also having a housewarming party too. So after the pampered chef party, Phil & kids will join me for that. Then we have to leave about 4:00 for another Volleyball game. If it's a quick 3 games again, we can be home by 7:30 & go back to the neighbor's as I'm sure the party will still be going on. They said they hope to have a fire tonight. With it this cold, we will need that for sure!

Ok, I said I'd bring some deviled eggs over so I got about 30 mins to get that done! Yikes!

Tomorrow we turn the keys over on the cabin! Yeah! Hope that goes well!


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