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Monday, September 03, 2007

What's New?!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted! I've been fighting this cold/cough bug for over a week & and half now. I'm so sick of coughing!

I've got some new pics I'd like to post but for some reason my photo program is not cooperating & letting me upload! I'll keep trying....

Tomorrow is the big day! FIRST day of School for Nick & Lexi!! I plan on dropping them off & they'll ride the bus home.

We had quite the busy weekend. Saturday I set my stuff up at a flea market. Nick & I left the house at 4:40 AM. Got there a little after 6. The flea market hours are 8-2 so I figured I'd be ok. THe lady did tell me to be there at 5 but I thought that was a little early...besides, it's still DARK out so how the heck do you set stuff up in the dark!? Well I got there & guess what....no space inside the fence left! I ended up setting up outside which still worked out well. I sold a TON of stuff & made a lot of money! I figured I'd do well & so now I just have to keep shopping & build my stockpile up again & sell again! I want to try to find a place closer. That was just too early in the morning for me!

After the sale, Nick & I stopped in Winthrop for the Richter Annual Golf tournament. I bid on the silent auction & some raffle items & got the news today that I won a basket! Picking that up tomorrow. I think I'll stick it away for Xmas for Lexi. It was a girls' basket & had some BRATZ dolls in it. She'll love that!

Came home exhausted but still managed to hit the River Blast fest for a little while. Came home & we all crashed......

Then Sunday before we went to church I asked Phil if he wanted to go to the lake...and he didn't want to. Said he was burnt out on it. Then after church, Lexi said Daddy wanted to go to the lake. So he changed his mind. It was lookin' like a beautiful day. So...we get home & it's about 12:30 & the phone rings. A lady had seen our ad for the cabin on Craigslist & was wondering if they could take a look at it, they were in the area. I said we were just gonna pack up & head over so that would be fine. I said how about 3:00, she said, well could we maybe do 2:00? I said sure. And we hurried & packed up & headed out. As we were leaving I saw our neighbors heading out w/ their boat & I know they sometimes like to go to our Lake. They've never been to our place, so I ran over quick to see where they were going. They said they weren't really sure, but her husband had mentioned a lake by Hutchinson. SO I said ok, just wanted to invite you over to our place & so she said that would work. So they would meet us over there.

So we got to the lake at 2:00 & the people were already there & looked around a bit. They really liked it. They are from the metro area & looked in the Brainerd or Bemidji area & had no luck, looked in Wisconsin area, nothing...came down to our area & had just been at a place & then looked at ours & said that ours was the nicest place they had seen! As they were leaving, she said to him "so are you gonna make an offer today...or tomorrow?" And he said "shouldn't we at least sleep on it?" So I knew they liked it, but yet was unsure cause I got so sick of reading people on if they were gonna make a deal or not! So they left & our neighbors showed up. Did a little fishing & swimming with them & went back to make some supper & got a phone call. The people that had looked at the place had a few questions & also wanted to MAKE AN OFFER!!

We took the offer & she said she would be sending an earnest check in the mail tomorrow, should get by Wed. Once we get that, I'll feel good the sale will go through! There were a few items they didn't want (2 beds, 2 couches, table/chairs) and I posted an ad today on Freecycle & those items will get picked up Wed night! Except the beds, we decided we'll bring them home for the boys.

We'll go back over on Friday to pack up everything else & either close on it on Sunday or the following Sunday.

We are both happy we sold. Dave Ramsey would be happy we sold ;-) We can now go forward with the financial goals we have. It was fun while we had it, but it was an expense that we just aren't in the right spot for it right now.

Oh & if you are keeping tabs on that star volleyball player in the family, she had a HOT weekend in Kansas City. Here is the link of latest news on her. Congrats on being named to the Rockhurst All-Tournament Team Ashley! We are very proud of you & can't wait to see you in action on the 14th!!!


Anonymous Eric said...

speakin of school, i was on my way to the bus this morning when a kid tells me that 10-12 graders dont have school,LOL, but he had it becuz he was going into 9th, so i am very happy he told me, if he didnt i woulda felt so stupid going 2 school, when no 1 in my class would be there, (only the 7-9)would be

11:29 AM  

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