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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day Of School......

Well....I always said if I cried, it would be tears of JOY! But my poor sweet Lexi got all teary today at school & that made me tear up as well! She was fine on the ride to school & even walking in. But once we got into the classroom & some new faces, well she got scared I think. She did the couple of things her teacher asked & then I could tell she was gonna break down. So we went & sat down & looked at a book for a bit & I asked her if she wanted to go home...and she said yes. I told her to look around for her friends from last year but she didn't even want to do that. So I left to check on Nick & get some milk tickets & Zander stayed with her. I got back & she was sitting w/ the preschool teacher. Then it was time to go to the opening service & so I told her I'd walk down & meet her there. Then the other kgarten teacher from last year held her hand & they walked down together. I left then...not sure if it was worse for her to see me there or not. Cause it seemed like she was ok in the room until I came back after getting the tickets. Then she started crying again. She should be home soon & HOPEFULLY is ok. First days are always hard.....

Oh & then Nick forgot his hymnal...everyone else had their's & he was the last one...diggin' in his backpack. I knew it wasn't in there, found it here on the bookshelf. Oops.

Well back to what I've been doing all day.......as I told my aunts when they asked what I do all day. NOT A DAMN THING. And now with ONLY two kids at home......you KNOW I'm not doing anything.


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