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Friday, November 24, 2006


Yes I did a little shopping today. But I was not retarded....I didn't get up before the sun came out. I left my house about 9:30 am, after a nice breakfast of bacon & eggs. My *buddy* Zander & I went. (The buddy story is funny. Yesterday, him & I went to Kmart & Walgreens (yep, on Thanksgiving they were both open & were running a few good deals). So we were at Walgreens, & an employee says to him "Hey buddy", and we walk away & he says to me "I not buddy, I Zander Michael Fischer" So I've been calling him my *buddy* now!)

Ok, so back to the shopping. First stop was Herberger's. I got a couple of *doorbuster* items. The store was nuts & I was happy to get out of there. Then we went to Walgreens. My total bill was $15.02 & I have $14.98 coming back in rebates. So only spent .04 there, pretty good, huh?! Here is what was on my list today:

Razor, Vive Shampoo, Mascara, Tide, Hershey Candy Bar, & Tampax.

Schick Quattro Razor: 8.99 - $4.00 mfg - $3.00 Walgreens coupon = 1.99 - 8.99 MIR = $7.00 MAKE MONEY
Vive: 4.99 x 2 = 9.98 - $2 Walgreens coupon - $1 mfg coupon - $4.99 B1G1F coupon = 1.99/2
Mascara: 5.99 (MIR 5.99) = FREE
Tide: 1.99 x 2 - .50 mfg x2 = 2.98
Hershey Candy Bar: .69 - .69 FREE coupon
Tampax: 4.29 - 4.29 FREE catalina = $0

Next stop was a store that is going out of business. Kids clothing store. I spent just over $100 & the retail of it was close to $1300.!! (Like anyone would every pay that, but that's what the tags said!)

Then to Kmart. Couple of DVD's that we wanted were gone, so left with just one for Phil. Some stupid movie so I wasn't surprised it was still there!

Then Target. Got Walk the Line for under 10 bucks. The other DVD was out. Got my buddy an Icee since he was being such a good shopper.

Then we came home. The end. Anyone else have any Black Friday deals?


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