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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had PT Conferences last night with both Nick & Lexi's teachers. First up was Nick's. He is doing well. She mentioned about the paper that he turned in with the multiplication instead of the addition & she had asked him if he REALLY wanted to turn it in like that because that would be alot wrong. And he said yes. So she told Phil not to tell him that anymore.

Nick is pretty much always the first one done in class. He's very good at math and she said the other day when they were doing flash cards she had to tell him to stop & let the other kids answer. Yes, he gets his number smarts from his mommy ;-)

The only thing he could do is slow down a bit. Everything is not a race, he doesn't have to be the first done. An example is with reading. He'll take a book, read it quick & then get to the play area. Well, he needs to take harder books she said cause he's always in that play area. He does what he is suppose to be doing, but he could do more. Like they always say, you are doing great, but just work harder! So good report there.

Lexi's teacher was next. She has really made improvements since the beginning of the year. She is very she & quiet. Yep, takes after her mother. But she has been opening up more & now when someone asks her to play, she'll join them. She still isn't to the point where SHE will make the first move to ask someone to join her. But overall she is doing great. We were worried with her being the youngest and having the August Birthday but Mrs. W said she is doing great. She loves the writing center & the dramatic play areas.

It was funny, she was showing us where Lexi sits in circle time & then moved a little rocking chair out of the way. "that is Dalton's...he needs to rock" That was the kid that I had in my van on the field trip. Yep, I could see his *need to rock* LOL


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