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Monday, November 13, 2006

More Walgreens Deals...

Ok, I forgot to post my previous purchase from last week. Last week I did the Novartis deal THREE times!! On my 3rd trip I got the following:

Pumpkin .79 (have a B1G1F coupon) so .40/each (this was out of stock, so I had to get a raincheck)
Triaminic $5 x 4 less (WG 4x$2) (mfg 4x$1) = $8 and will get $10 cash coupon at checkout
Bounty 2/$6 less .50 mfg = 5.50/6 rolls
OJ 2/$4.00
Trident 3/$2 less $1 mfg = 3/$1.00
Arrid 2/$3 less 2x$1.00 mfg = 2/$1.00
KY Warming Mist & Massage Lotion 2/$20 less $10 mfg coupon & will do MIR for $10 GC = Free

So I will be spending $30.29 & then used my $10 cash coupon from other day, down to $20.29 & will get another $10 cash coupon & $10 gift card. SO will get all for .29.

Today I went & got:

Robitussin Cough Drops (Three for Free AC)

Bayer for $0.25 AC

Buy $20 worth of Unilever products, get $5 cash coupon, For my $20 worth, I bought:

Sunsilk Shampoo/Conditioner 3 for $10, I bought 4 & had $1.50/mfg coupon for each

All Laundry Detergent Small & Mighty Liquid 32 oz. $3.99 each I had $1.00 mfg coupon

Ragu Spag Sauce, buy 1 for 2.59, get 1 free (.50 coupon also used) So that was $22.51 worth of items, got the $5.00 coupon, & with the mfg coupons, brought it down to $15, with the $5 coupon, makes it $10 for all.

Scotch Tape on sale 2/$1.00, I bought 4 & used $1.00 mfg coupon so 4/1.00

Kleenex on sale for 1.50/box, I bought 6 boxes, used 2 .40 each mfg coupons & also got a $2.00 cash coupon, so brought the boxes down to 1.03/each 200 count

The big one I did today was I loaded up on Tampons. They have Playtex Sport on sale 2/$6.00 & I have coupons for $2.50/off bringing them down to .50/box!!!

PLUS after you purchase that box, it spits out a catalina for a free box of Tampax Pearl!! You have to purchase them separately though. So I had SEVEN boxes of tampons that he rang up separately for me. And now I have SEVEN coupons for SEVEN free more boxes of the Pearls. I'm stocked for a good year or two!


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