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Friday, November 24, 2006

It's SANTA!!!

The kids got a little treat tonight! They got to see Santa! I took them to the Parade of Lights & after that was over we had some soup & a sandwich at the Legion with my mom & dad. When we were done there, we drove around to find where this big light from the sky was coming from. We found where it was set up & driving downtown we saw Santa in the window! So I asked the kids if they wanted to stop & see him & of course they said yes. So we stopped in & we were the last ones in line. There were just a few kids ahead of us so we didn't have to wait all that long. I didn't know this was going on after the parade. I talked to the lady in front of me & she had been waiting for an HOUR! So we really lucked out! The kids all told Santa what they wanted for Xmas. Here is a short version of Nick's conversation:

Santa: Have you been a good boy this year?
Nick: No
Santa: HO HO HO, at least you are honest!
Santa: I suppose you pick on the little ones.
Nick: Yep
Santa: Ho Ho Ho, well I suppose that is expected. Do you do chores around the house?
Nick: Sort of
Santa: Ho Ho Ho well maybe they should make your chore list longer so you don't have time pick on the little ones so much. Ho Ho Ho

**Grandma, you were right, that was Meleah in the parade. She was leaving the place where Santa was when we were coming & I talked to Dianne too.

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