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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dog Walking....

Here's Zander taking his new dog for a walk! Yes, Zachary is in there too!! You can see his orange coat a little bit! Zander won this at the church raffle...and the mystery was solved with that one! Grandma & Mary signed up but they wrote their names on the paper. Grandma was at a church meeting the other night & they were talking about the winners of other prizes & then someone said that ZANDER FISCHER won the prize & they couldn't figure out who that was. Grandma said "that's my grandson" But then she was confused because she never signed up using HIS name. She picked the dog up & the tag had Zander's name, no phone #, address or nothing. Well, I guess Zander & Mark were checking the dog out & the priest came by them & HE signed Zander up, just one time...and that was all it took! Winner!
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