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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jackpot Junction!

Checking in from the hotel right now. We checked in around 4:00 this afternoon (sans Zachary who is staying at Grandma's....hope she is surviving with him!!). We dropped the kids off at Kids Quest for an hour while Phil & I gambled a little. He lost his $6 in slots & I won $20 in blackjack and then lost $5 in slots trying to build my points up to get the free $5. So as of now, I'm still up the $15.....might go back later.

Kids LOVED Kids Quest. I guess Zander had a 5 minute time out though for biting a kid....he bit him cause the kid pinched him first I guess.

After that we went to the buffet. Thank goodness is was 1/2 price night. It was TERRIBLE!! Nothing was good except the soft serve ice cream & the chocolate milk. It was all pretty much dried out. Hopefully the breakfast buffet will be better!

AFter that we rested a bit & then hit the exercise room for 30 mins & then the swimming pool. The hot tub wasn't working so that was a bummer.

Phil went to play some poker & I'm sitting in the lobby cause I can't get a connection in our room, I guess you can only get one in the even numbered rooms. Guess I should of asked that at check in! So I'm heading back to the room to get the kids in bed, have a drink & try to stay awake until Phil gets back. We'll see how it goes getting them all to sleep in the same room!

Oh, and you can't go to Jackpot without running into someone you know...and guess who I saw.....Yep, RELATIVES! Uncle Alphonse who was ready to go after being there for 30 mins and out 60 bucks. I then saw his ride...Uncle Eugene. What the heck are they doing here on a Tuesday night?!?!


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