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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cub Foods

I don't usually shop Cub unless they have a good sale going on. Well today I got:

20 boxes of Banquet Chicken on sale for $2/each = $40
30 boxes of Kid Cuisine on sale for $2/each = $60
20 boxes of General Mills cereal = $40
4 boxes of Hungry Jack pancake mix = $6
1 gallon of Choc milk $2.99
2 bottles of Hungry Jack syrup = 2.50 x 2 =$5
1 Kemps Ice Cream $6.99

Total w/o coupons = $160.98
Total AFTER coupons = $50.98!!!!

One of my fun trips w/ the kids. I had Nick & Lexi with & they each had their own cart since we had so much. I was only gonna buy 20 boxes of the Kid Cuisine but they talked me into another 10! Now they better eat the stuff!!! This was something I wouldn't normally buy, but w/ the coupons I had it worked out to .63/each so I said ok.

Our freezer is full for sure now!!


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