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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Keeping K-mart in Business!!

Well I'm sure glad the rumor of K-mart closing May 15th, was just that...a rumor!!! This is just part of what they PAID me $31.05 to take off their shelves!! I did this deal 5 times last night & didn't get those items included in the picture. They are already put away on my shelf! This is just from doing the deal 10 times today!! So if you add 5 more packs of batteries & 10 more items, that would be all that I got! Super cashier working as well. Loved how I saved so much. When she realized I never even brought out any money (all gift cards from the deal), she said "you don't even have any money with you, do you?" Another guy was doing the same deal as me but probably had 20-30 deals!! He cleaned the shelf of Gillette men's shaving gel! I thought it was funny that shelf was empty when I walked by, but when I got to check out they were all in his cart!!!

So yes, I'm still getting the good deals w/ my couponing & having fun with it. I'm gonna start selling my stuff cause I just have way more than I'll ever be able to use!! So you'll just have to let me know if you need some cheap HBA (Health & Beauty Aid) items!

This particular deal they have going on is until middle of August. So granted they don't run out of batteries (main thing you have to buy to get the other stuff free) I will be visiting K-mart ALOT!!!!

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