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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Merry Christmas from Parker Hannifin!!

Our power went off today at work for about 45 mins. Not sure what happened. So during this time, they decide to call an all-employee meeting.

They made the announcement that the Holiday Shutdown we were going to have is NOT gonna happen. We were suppose to work next Mon & Tues & then be off Wed-Fri & the following WHOLE week. So, what do you do when you know you are gonna be off work for a week and a 1/2??? You make PLANS. Hello.

We have a hotel booked for 2 nights & we aren't cancelling that!! Plus, I sure the hell don't want to work the day after X-mas. I told my boss I'd probably be calling in then. We are gonna meet tomorrow because he wants one of us three (other lady was out today) there on those days the place will be open. What a crock.

Tomorrow I'm gonna put up a big sign by my cubicle w/ the # 10 & they can figure out if I'm talking about 10 weeks before the baby comes or 10 weeks until my last day. It means BOTH!!!

Sure makes it easier about not going back to work later!! To give a week notice like that. And .....they mentioned working BOTH Saturdays too! I asked my boss if that pertained to office too or just manufacturing. He said mfg. Be damn if I work the Saturdays too!! They are lucky they got me back to 40 hours!!

Ah, let's see what tomorrow brings!!


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