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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Decision time.............

Boss came up to me today & says "can you stop in my office when you have a few minutes"

Ok, *that* doesn't sound good from the start, does it?!?!

Then I go in there & he SHUTS the door.......ok, that's even WORSE! He says "I know you don't want to hear this......but it's time. It's back to 40 hours/week"

He would like an answer in the next couple of days. If I decide that yes I will commit to 40 hrs/week....I have to start the week of the 15th of December. I would then work 40 hrs up until the baby comes. He also said that Parker has an EXCELLENT maternity benefit package. He wasn't sure what it was.

Or, I could stay at 32 hrs until they hire a replacement & do some training which he thought would take me into mid Jan or so.

Or I could give 2 weeks notice NOW & leave them high & dry.......and leave us poor!!!

I did find out the maternity benefits. It's different for everyone & goes by your # of years of service. I would get TWELVE weeks of FULL pay during my maternity leave as a full-time employee!

So the way it is looking, I will work 40 hrs starting on the 15th of Dec until March (just over 2 mos) & then collect 3 mos of pay & then I'll probably quit if it's still a 40 hr week job only.

My boss knows I'm smart & could/would do this. He said it's a chance they'd have to take. He does NOT want me to leave & has been doing everything he can to make it work.

He then came back an hour or so later & says "I have something else too" It's in the works yet, but Parker is now looking at a Pension plan. There weren't any details or anything yet, but if it works the way most pension plans do, they start after you have 10 years w/ the company. For example. Phil said that at Kraft, after 10 years, you are fully vested & it amounts to about $30/month for every year you are there. So if you quit after 10 years, at the time of your retirement, you could collect $300/month from your pension.

My 10 years with the company is next Oct. So if this IS the case.........then I'd probably go back in June until Oct!!

SO much to think about..........but I think I can tough it out full time until March in order to get THREE months of pay!! Wouldn't you?!?! Any other suggestions!?!?


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