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Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's been awhile.........

I'm still around.....

Got the new Dell & so I'm trying to get things back to normal here. Finally was able to get my email address book transferred over. Still trying to do the Favorites. One doesn't realize how much *stuff* is on a computer until they no longer have easy access to it & have to start over! The old computer has YEARS of my stuff on it.

And we got a new digital camera I'm trying to figure out too & if I like it or not. Hard to get used to & really haven't had much time in using it yet.

Next week I'm back to full time. Well, I already put in for 4 hrs vacation for Thursday! Nick has his winter celebration at school & then I have a doctor appointment. Diabetes test so it will be a longer appointment. Will be 30 weeks at that appoinment! I am getting bigger & bigger every day! Phil said this morning that he thinks this will be the biggest weight gain for me. Wonderful, huh? We both think I am so huge now & how much more can I stretch in these next 10 weeks?? I've noticed it depends on what I wear. Some shirts can make me look so big while others are a better slimming.

To follow up from my last post, I am going back to work 40 hours week until the baby comes. I will then get full pay for the 12 weeks I'll be off. If they don't have a PT job, then I'll be giving my resignation. Food stamps here we come!!!


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