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Saturday, December 20, 2003

At least it's a QUICK Flu bug....

So far Lexi had the bug (for a couple of days) then it was Nick's turn last Sunday. He was better by evening. My turn was yesterday.

Thursday night I didn't sleep well & had the nauseated/puke feeling. Alarm went off & I got up to get ready for work. Was slow moving. Finally I made myself throw up. That was disgusting. Phil had put a roast in the crock pot for Thursday's supper & that was what came up. DISGUSTING.

I thought I'd feel better after that so I went to work. Was still feeling icky. Went to the bathroom & had a little case of the runs. After being at work a whole hour, I left.

Came home to get some rest. Oh wait, Phil was home w/ the kids.

I was JUST about asleep on the couch & Lexi starts yelling for some milk.

Then I go to the bedroom & was JUST about asleep again when she comes yelling about something else.

Then by afternoon when she is down for her nap, Phil gets Nick to nap & the house is QUIET..........but I can't FALL asleep!!!!!!!!!!!

He took the kids to Happy Joe's for supper to let me rest some more.

I didn't puke anymore but just had an awful stomach ache all day.

Watched a movie last night & went to bed. (Catch Me if You Can.....good movie!)

Woke up this morning & felt MUCH better. So I started picking up the house.......then I must of started to overdo it cause my stomach starting cramping.

So I sat down....then ran to the bathroom. It all came out....................(the bottom end, not my mouth!) Felt much better after that & I'm back to feeling normal again ;-)

So, now we wait to see if it hits Phil, right??

Nick's last day of preschool was Thursday & they had a visitor!

It was also his last night of gymnastics & again they had a visitor. It was funny cause Nick was on his lap & then Lexi just went right up in front of the other kids & waited for Santa to put her on his other leg!! Like we said, she does WHATEVER Nick does!! I'm sure a big part of her not being afraid of him is seeing her big brother not afraid!


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