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Friday, March 05, 2004

The GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY....the REAL UGLY...............

Ok, so let's start with the UGLY..........and I mean REALLY UGLY........

1. no change in dilation or anything.
2. Scheduled to be induced...........MARCH 15th!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh MY GOD. No way I can wait until then.


I am on the list to be induced for Monday or Tuesday. They already have some scheduled so the ONLY way I can be induced on Mon or Tues is if those ladies would go naturally. I will get a call on Sun to be there by 7 am Mon or a call on Mon to be there Tues 7 am. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray I get a phone call one of those days if nothing happens on it's own. W/T/F scheduling conflicts or no nurses/whatever. And they don't induce on the weekends. Nice.


He gave me a doctor's note that I can be done working. I don't have to go back on Monday if I'm still pregnant. I told him "thanks, that was swell of you"

What do you know.....Grandma & Grandpa will be home in time for the birth of their newest grandchild. Oh, mom, since you haven't really had to *clean* much the last couple of months (just an RV) I'm hoping you'll want to come clean our house. I have been in NO condition to do much lately & let's just say the bathrooms & kitchen need a good scrubbing. Aren't you glad you are home!??!?


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