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Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday, March ???

I sort of lost track of what day it is now. Once my due date of March 4th came & went......well I quit looking at the calendar!

Well if we don't get a call from the hospital today to come in tomorrow, it looks like it will be Monday, March 15th for a birthday!

I'm not thinking I will go on my own this week. Not with what past history has shown.

Going to enjoy the week off & get lots of stuff done around the house that I can. This morning we are going through the toys & getting things ready for a garage sale that I hope to have in April or May.

Nick is letting lots of his stuff go so he can get more Pokemon cards!! I told him he can keep the money from the sale of his stuff.

Gotta go....someone is crying....bet you can't guess who!?!? Little Miss Drama Queen of course!


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