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Monday, December 29, 2008


The below post WOULD have worked well...if we would of checked the dates on the Target ad!!! GRRRRRR LAST week the bundle was on sale for $77. This week it's the regular one on sale. So it was a no go at Walmart. We are so behind from the holidays I didn't get last weeks ad thrown out & that was what we were looking at tonight.

Oh well, he still returned the one & saved about $10.

In other news......we are getting the flu here. Zander complained of a belly ache for a good hour or two tonight...and then finally pooped. Still hurt. Then he threw up & got a bloody nose at the SAME time. Then he was on the toilet having it come out of both ends. This all happened while Phil was at wrestling practice w/ Nick so lucky me (that gets sick herself when dealing w/ this) had to clean up the carpet mess.

Then he finally fell asleep on the couch. Then Zach felt like he was getting sick & wanted to go to bed w/ a bowl. So he did......then about 90 mins later he was up in the bathroom w/ his bowl. Nothing. Came to the couch w/ me & he ends up getting sick.

So you wanna guess who gets sick next?? At least we made it through Christmas. I'm blaming the Myers this year.


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