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Monday, December 29, 2008

The kid is taking after me.

You all know how I like a good deal. Well, I guess it's rubbed off on Nick. Knowing we were getting a Wii for Xmas, Nick wanted to use his bday/xmas money & buy Guitar Hero. So we found it at Target for 99.99 & was also able to save 10% when I used my Target card. So thinking, we got a good deal at $95 w/ tax we were happy. Well then the ads start coming out w/ the double pack (2 guitars) for $120. So we were thinking, we could take the one back & get the other for $20 more. Well, of COURSE everytime it was advertised on sale.....for $90 or $100 or even less they NEVER had it in stock. And it was an item you couldn't get a raincheck for either of course.

So......being the patient kid he is....he didn't open it after we opened the Wii cause he wanted to wait & see if it'd go on sale after Xmas to see if he could get some money back. So he waited & this weeks ad we see it advertised for $88 at Target & $80 at Kmart. NONE at Target, we found Kmart had a few....so we could take the first back & save about $10. For Nick, $10 is $10. So we got it at Kmart today.

Then we are out at Walmart & I see this lady with the Target ad & the Guitar Hero in her cart...except she had the bundle pack which is what Walmart has for $119. I thought about it, but not much.......until I got home. Then I looked at my Target ad once again .......Target was advertising the BUNDLE pack for $88 this week, again quantities limited, no rain checks. SO that lady was doing a price match. Buying it at Walmart w/ Target's ad for $88.!!

So......Phil & Nick are doing some returns as I type this. First back to Target to return the original one for $95.....then to Kmart for today's that we paid $85 (w/ tax) and then out to Walmart to get the BUNDLE pack (2 guitars) for Target's price of $88 w/ tax. I just HOPE they have one left. Neither one of us could remember how many they had. I *think* it was a few.

So....if you are looking to get the Guitar Hero World Tour bundle pack....and your local Target doesn't have it....take their ad to Walmart to price match.


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