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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


He's not having very good luck. Tomorrow I have to take him to the doctor at 11:00 am. NOT looking forward to that. He has what I think is an ingrown toenail that has become infected. From what the nurse said over the phone, if this is the case, the doctor will numb the area (guessing a SHOT in the toe to numb it) and proceed to cut part of the nail off. The kid is gonna freak if he has to get a needle in the toe! Mama is gonna freak at the sight of that as well!!

He got a note sent home from school that he didn't pass the vision test.....so I've made an appointment to get his eyes checked in a couple of weeks. He is NOT liking the idea of glasses........AT ALL. "I won't wear them" is what he is saying.

Couple of fun things we are dealing w/ as our eldest who will soon be NINE years old!


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