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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Where are the pictures!??! Oops, didn't get any!!! Yikes!!

So we left the house about 5:30 & got home about 8:00. We headed to New Ulm first & stopped at Papa Murphy's for the free cookie dough. Nick LOVES that stuff & his was gone right away. I might be able to make a few cookies w/ the other kids'. We then headed to the Legion where they got treat bags, juice, & other goodies.

After that we went to STATE STREET. Where everyone goes these days. They get darn near 1000 kids I guess. We got there about 6:00 & it was still light out which was great. We brought the wagon with for Zachary which worked out good. Well, Phil & the 3 kids went ahead of us for a little bit & then when we caught up for a bit & Lexi & Zander stayed with us & Nick & Phil went ahead. Why they were in SUCH a hurry I haven't figured out yet. So we did about 6 blocks, both sides! Then Phil dropped me, Nick, Lexi, & Zander off at Aunt Linda's and him & Zach drove to Grandma's. We walked from Linda's & hit some more houses. Zander's bucket was so full that Linda had to give us a bag so he could start over!!

We then hit Grandma's block & took a candy break at her house. We got home & was gonna hit up our neighbors but they all had their lights out!! We did go next door though. Got home & unloaded the loot. Zachary was the worst as far as the candy went. He had a HUGE fit when I took his away!! I'm not even sure how much he ate. Some he'd open up, not like & go to the next piece! He was funny.....we did about 10 blocks on State Street where he was fine sitting in the wagon the whole time & every so often I'd get him out to go up to a house, otherwise he was fine with just getting a wagon ride & watching everyone else. Then, about the last 2 or 3 blocks, he figured it out. He got out of the wagon & would go up to the houses to get his candy! Would get a piece, turn around, back to the wagon for a ride to the next house!!

They all did great. Zander walked a TON tonight!! The whole way on State Street...about 12 blocks & then from Linda's to Grandma's..another 4-5 blocks! I'm sure he'll sleep GREAT tonight with all that exercise!!

In case you are wondering...

Nick - Pirate
Lexi - Pirate
Zander - Winnie the POOH
Zachary - Pumpkin
Me - Tigger (I kept nice & warm in my costume!) Actually none of the kids complained about being cold....Nick was the one that was dressed the least too but w/ all his running he had his blood flowing good!


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