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Friday, January 30, 2004

Got some WONDERFUL news today at work............


Remember my post that work told me I'd get 12 weeks of paid time off??? Well, that changed. The HR person was misinformed. Instead, I will get paid for 6 weeks off. That's a HUGE difference.

And some more wonderful news too. The original plan was for some of my duties to be moved to the PA office & the person there would do the training. She was to come to MN in Feb for me to update her on some of my accounts. Well, that all changed now too. The temp they are hiring for my job is now coming to MN & **I** am the one that has to do the training. What a bunch of carp. I hate training. I have 4/5 weeks to do it. Who KNOWS when they'll get the temp in here. I'm ready to quit NOW!

I'm so overwhelmed at work that I hardly get to take time to go to the bathroom!!

I can't WAIT to be done............and for this baby to come! I've hit the uncomfortable stage too now. Augh.


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