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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yet another new WORK OUT Plan....

So you may....or may not.......have noticed I haven't been posting my work out details. I'm still doing it, just quit posting about it here. I'm doing the Presidents Challenge & keeping track of it on that site. I think it's been about 6 weeks since I started the circuit training. I wasn't able to lose any weight on it, but I know I've built up some muscle & I have gone done a pant size. So officially down 2 sizes.......and I think I could actually wear a size smaller. But....I've been spending more than our clothing budget allows the last couple of months so I better just wear out what I got now.

Ok, so on to this next new workout! I recently finished up the book CARDIO FREE DIET by Jim Karas. I decided that wasn't the plan I wanted to try. Although I believe it probably works, I'm not one to count calories & watch what I eat & that was a good part of the plan. So no go for me, I like to EAT, thank you very much.

I was reading my friend Danielle's blog this morning. Danielle lives in the Twin Cities & we met through one of the Ebay message boards. I've met her a few times when our group had dinner together. Anyhow, she has been doing Weight Watchers for the last year & also works out. She looks AWESOME. Well, I haven't seen her in person since she's lost all her weight, but from the pictures can tell she is one hot mama! Anyhow, she was 240 a year ago & today is 170!! She lost 70 pounds through a LOT of hard work! She posted about the Couch25k program that I tried & now she posted another work out plan that I'm gonna try. Well let's say I DID try it this morning.

I'm still reading about it & just printed off a chart that I hope will help. It's a 3/day week program so I'm gonna alternate that & the other 3 day one I do. It's a high intensity interval training program. Work fast for X/time, slow for X/time. Do that for 4 mins the first week, build it up to 15 mins by Week 8...and then you are DONE. That is the workout. So I will be able to cut my workout sessions hopefully by 30 minutes!

I'm having one problem with this & may need to go to the doctor. My heart rate. It always is running high. The program wants you to be at 90-95% rate on the intense part down to..oh I can't remember on the lower part. So for me I should be at 166 or higher down to 120 on the slow part. My HR doesn't go that low, it's always around 140 even when I slow down. Phil thinks maybe I have some blockage because of all the bacon/egg breakfasts I have. I eat that, what maybe 2-3x week? And not always bacon, but he seems to know.

Anyhow, I talked to the trainer today & he said the only way to know if something is wrong is to have an EKG done. I'm taking Zander in next week for his 4 yr check & will talk to my doctor more about it then. I'm also gonna test my sitting rate tonight. When I have timed it, it's like 80-90 when I'm sitting, I think normal is around 60.

So starting next week, this new HIIT (if you want to google it!) program is gonna kick my butt!!!

On a side note, wish me luck tonight. Since Phil is on afternoons this week, I have to go to the meeting. We are disagreeing with our property taxes cause they went way up. Hello, housing market STINKS right now, prices are dropping and you think our house value should go UP??? No way would it sell for what they say it's worth. So I gotta go read an article he put out for me to read before I try to argue our case. I better get off here & go read it so I sound somewhat smart tonight!!


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