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Friday, March 28, 2008

Shrinking Man...

I sent Phil to Kmart last night. They have clothes on clearance & told him to get himself some new church pants and shirts. He cleaned out his closet a few weeks ago & outgrew some clothes as well. He told me to no longer buy clothes for him. I guess he doesn't like what I buy?? So anyhow, I told him to get himself some new pants cause those SAME ones he wears week after week....well they are probably 15 years old now!!

Besides getting a nice pair of black dress pants, he came home with some new camoflauge jeans........size 32......a size he hasn't seen since high school! Wow. Way to go Phil. He's pretty much been a 36 since I've known him, going to a 35 & even some 34's. Now a 32. He modeled them for me last night & I only heard it like 10x......"did I tell you these are a size 32"

Hmmmmm did he get that from me when I came home from the Mall of America a few weeks ago wearing my new jeans....."like my new jeans....size FOUR.......did I tell you these are a size FOUR?" (he's gotten good though cause now when I put them on, he says to me "are those your four's?")

Ok, so they are the ONLY pair of 4's in my closet but the last time I was in this size. Oh ya right, I was NEVER in this size before.


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