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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Road Race....

We've got ONE more week until the 8k road race that Phil & I are gonna do. I just looked online & it's not the 5 miles I thought it was. An 8k is only 4.97 miles......PHEW!!

I ran tonight...5 miles. I've only done that once before & figured I better do it to see where I'm at. I probably walked about 3 minutes & ran the whole other 54 minutes. It took me 57 minutes to do 5 miles. My average speed was 5.2. My goal is to get done in 60 minutes & not walk for more than 5 minutes total. So hopefully I should be able to achieve that.

I've been training for this for 4 months now. Phil has a hurt foot & wasn't gonna do it. So I told him that I wasn't gonna either cause I didn't want to run alone. So he's been out running twice now & has this week to get ready. I take 4 months, he takes a week. (My other goal is to beat him.....shhh don't let him know that.)

I just checked the online results from last year. If we finish in an hour, overall we'll be in the 500th place bracket. There should still be 200 people behind us so that's cool, we shouldn't end up in last place!!


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