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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Night....

I am EXHAUSTED. I think tonight will be the night to catch up on sleep.

I got a call Wednesday night asking if I wanted to set up tables at the Civic Center Garage Sales. They were held today from 8-2. She had someone cancel on her & had 3 tables left. I said sure. I had 4 totes of stockpile stuff already priced & all the kids clothes marked for the garage sale I'm planning on having this coming weekend (the 18th/19th). Set up was Friday night & Saturday before the sale. Well we were suppose to get our family pictures for the church directory but ended up changing that to next week. Then the kids (3 of the 4) got invited to a bday party & were going swimming. So we sent them to the party & Phil, Zach, & I loaded up the van (FULL LOAD!) & headed to the Civic Center.

We only had 3 tables. I filled one plus w/ stockpile items & Phil filled one w/ his prints & sports cards. I then decided I'd bring all the clothes I had marked for the rest of the table & also a clothing rack full of clothes. So we finished there & then headed to Swanny's for supper. Boy was that odd eating out with only one child!! And he was very well behaved too. He was content with pouring parm. cheese on his plate & eating that while waiting for his food!!

I had to set the alarm for 6:00 this morning. Nick & I were out the door by 6:20. With another fully loaded van, we got everything set up by around 7:00 & waited for the doors to open at 8:00. It was a very successful sale for me, but it sure tired me out!!

Phil had to go into work tonight (Sat night!) so his work week will be over Thursday morning. Works out great. He can help get the garage sale set up & help on Friday!


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