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Thursday, April 03, 2008


That's the way we spell SUCCESS!

I went to the meeting tonight regarding our property taxes & they agreed to revise our house value........dropping it by about $30,000!! We are still stuck with paying the taxes on the higher value this year, but next year it should drop a few hundred dollars. Phil went to the meeting last year & didn't have any luck with them changing it......I went tonight & barely had to say anything, they lowered it basically with me just showing up!

I went in to the meeting (thinking it was just a one on one thing but here it was in front of the whole city council! YIKES!) and just said "We disagree with the amount our property was valued at & wanted to know who valued it & how they came up with that number" The county auditor or whoever just started talking & next thing I heard was he proposed to lower our value by about 20%. Um, ok, fine with me that was actually more than we had thought, but we'll take it!

I was there a whole five minutes.

Guess it takes a woman to handle things like this, huh!?


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