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Monday, April 07, 2008

Fools Five Results

Wow, we did better than I thought!

458 Phil Fischer 443 28/37 273/348 50:54 10:15
459 Lisa Fischer 444 24/39 164/375 51:00 10:16

Phil Fischer
bib number: 458
age: 41
gender: M
location: Courtland, MN
overall place: 443 out of 740
division place: 28 out of 37
gender place: 273 out of 348
time: 50:54
pace: 10:15

Lisa Fischer
bib number: 459
age: 35
gender: F
location: Courtland, MN
overall place: 444 out of 740
division place: 24 out of 39
gender place: 164 out of 375
time: 51:00
pace: 10:16

This shows I was only 6 seconds behind Phil & came in right after him but I'm sure there were a couple of people ahead of me or maybe I did come in right after him?? I was in such a deliousional state at the end I'm really not sure! I guess I'll take their word for it. (We had chips on our shoes that timed us as we crossed the mat to start & to finish...pretty high tech!)

I see the girl Phil said he crossed the finish line with was only 24 yrs old. Way to go old man...beating that young chic.

The pink shirt guy....he was 42 yrs old & came in 6 seconds after me. Another one I beat by a whoppin' 3 seconds...a 12 yr old girl!! Some of those young kids out running really amazed me.

New Ulm is having a 1/2 mile & 1 mile kids run in May. I'm gonna sign Nick & Lexi up for it, thinking Nick would do the mile, Lexi the 1/2 mile. But Nick says no, he just wants to do the 1/2 mile too. We gotta whip that boy into shape, no reason he can't do a mile if his old folks are doing 5 miles!!!

My calves are a little sore today, think I will be hitting it light at the gym tonight. I found some bruises on my legs the other day & asked Phil what the heck he does to me while I'm sleeping.......well we figured it out.....they are from a weight machine at the gym! Ouch, I better lighten up on that one!

Oh, I was wearing my HR monitor while running yesterday & it gives me my high HR & average from the workout and yesterday for the first time....I hit the high of 99%. What happens if you hit 100%? Is that when you keel over & die? Or puke your guts out? I guess I missed that at the end of the race...Phil asked if I had seen the piles right at the finish line. Nope, thank god I didn't see it or I probably would have added to them!!!


Blogger photowannabe said...

Way to go girl!!! I am proud of you and you are inspiring me to get back into the working out thing!!! I should try to plan to try it next year. We could run together, although by then you will be way ahead of me.

2:46 PM  

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