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Monday, February 04, 2008

Weight Loss Incentive....

I went to the Plasma Center tonight & when I was all done I was talking to the technician & mentioned how one lady started after me & got done sooner. She said she probably didn't have to donate as much. I know they mentioned weights when I first started but I didn't pay attention. Well I'm close to the next level so I really need to work on losing about 7-10 pounds so I don't have to donate as much....thus the time will be shorter!! Also have to watch what I wear. I knew I had on heavy shoes today...my weight was 5 pounds more than the other day I was in!

I also need to eat more foods high in protein. The range is like 37-60 & my number today was 37....if it would of been lower I wouldn't of been able to donate!

Guess I'll be putting peanut butter on my toast instead of butter!


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