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Thursday, December 07, 2006

My daughter?

Is she really my daughter?

Lexi & I went to Mankato tonight to do some shopping & we stopped in to see Ashley & drop her off a few gifts ;-) And since we were in the area of the COLD STONE CREAMERY, we stopped for some ice cream. (FREE of course! Join their Birthday club & you get a FREE ice cream. I signed all the kids up & they emailed me back & said we just missed Zach & Nick's bday's, but here is a coupon to have a free treat!) So Lexi & I had it! I told her that it was our supper, is that ok. She said sure! So we get it, eat some & then after awhile she says "I should of had a burger"

Who would take a burger over ice cream!? Well we did our shopping & then I went through the drive through & got her a cheeseburger. She ate about 3/4th of it & then said it was gross. I KNEW what she was talking about too. We went to McDonald's....where they put those little onions on their burgers. Not for her! She must of been hungry that she was able to eat 3/4th of it huh?!

She was a good shopper with me tonight. We went to the mall to do a return & then I wanted to stop at Gymboree & Target. I picked up the pop on sale at Target & knew I had to carry them all the way across the mall to get to the van. I should of done what Jennie did & just took the cart out of the store. But it says RIGHT THERE, do NOT take Target carts PAST these doors. So I didn't. Lexi carried all our bags & my purse while I lugged the pop. Well for .50/12 pack I suppose it was worth. Phil better be happy, it was all for him, DIET PEPSI. Lexi said she was being *mommy* cause she got to carry my purse!


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