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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Big Winner!

We went to the Farm Show at the Civic Center over the weekend & a local bank had a guessing game of how many pieces of corn in the jar. Adults as well as kids could guess. I guessed 3 or 400, can't remember. Lexi made a guess...can't remember what she put & Nick put down 10,000. I LAUGHED at that one! I know it's always more than you think, but 10,000?!? Ok, Nick!

I'm sure you know where this is going..........we got a call yesterday from the bank. Nick Fischer won on his guess! The actual number was 10,380!! So today we stopped at the bank to pick up his prize. He had a choice between a John Deere or Farmall tractor. We took the John Deere. He hasn't seen it yet but told me NOT to open it. I think he wants me to try selling it for him. It looks like this.

In other news...I had a little OOPS at Walgreen's today. My total was negative 2.75. Jeremy says "oops, we owe you" I said, that wasn't suppose to happen! Of course I had the boys with me so I wasn't able to figure out my total cause I'm always getting distracted by them! SO I had to quick go grab a few things in order for me to pay them!! There were some vitamins that I made quite a bit of money on. I had overage of almost $15.00 from that! Without mfg coupons, I still would of had overage of almost $7.00. SO I think I gotta go back & clear the shelf on that one! FREE vitamins, FREE money, can't beat that!!

The other good deal today that had Jeremy asking how I did that was the a Register Rewards deal. If you look in their ad this week, they say buy 6 certain items (on sale for 6/$20), get $12 back in RR. Well, they had TRIAL size items that were included so I bought 6 of those for $6.36 with tax & it spit on coupons for $12.00 to be used on my next order! So there was $5.64 FREE. Jeremy was looking it over & says "you just MADE money on that deal" I was like, uh huh. And he said, where is that in the ad...so I had to show him but then said sorry, all the trial size were gone. I only did it once so either they were low to begin with or someone else did that deal too.

It's Lutheran Schools Week this week at school & today was Parent's Day for lunch. The boys & I joined Nick & Lexi for lunch. We then went in their classrooms for a bit. It was also crazy hair/dress day. Some of the kids looked really good! Thursday night is Nick's concert. Hopefully I'll be able to video some of that.

Friday we head to Rochester/Lewiston for the state wrestling meet. So far it looks like there are only 3 in Nick's weight class. If he has to go up a class, there will be 3 or 4 in that group. Unless of course there are a lot of last minute sign ups! So it looks like he'll get a medal....they give them out for 1st-6th place. I think there are around 17 wrestlers from New Ulm going. If he would of lost the 10 pounds we wanted him to, he would of been down in the 95 pound group & I think there were around 16 wrestlers so that would be more wrestling/competition. The ones in his group are all from the metro area so it will be against boys he hasn't wrestled at all this year. Should be some good matches!

Does ANYONE see warm weather in our future?!!? This has been such a COLD winter & I'm ready for it to be DONE!!!!!


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