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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surprise Bday Party in Texas........

Well I wasn't lucky enough to go, but did just get a recap from my mom on the weekend events. Here's how her weekend went for those of us that want to live vicariously through her!!

Mom, Dad, Pat, & Mary hopped a plane from sunny & warm Arizona to sunny & warm Texas (that right there is pretty rough!). I had talked to them in the days leading up to the event & one day they were driving, the next flying, the next NOT going at all, then they were gonna drive, then the next hour they were gonna fly, then drive, then finally, what was probably 24 hours before they left, they got a flight and flew out on Friday. Mom had her bags packed for driving & then had to repack for the flight! Man, all that right there give ME a headache & I wasn't even going!!

When they got there, they went to Terry & Meg's house which is where they stayed for the 3 nights. Big fancy mansion. Had drinks & appetizers at their house Fri night. Eugene, Karen & their girls got to Texas on Thursday I think & they stayed at Jeff & Julie's mansion.

Saturday they all went on one of Norb's yacht's. He has two. Jill's husband Alan is the only one that knows how to drive the thing so he was their captain. They took a 2 hour cruise with drinks & food. Also on the ship were two couples from Naperville, IL, friends from when they lived there.

Saturday night was the big surprise party. They had told Pat they were having a *family* dinner for her, but she didn't want to go because I guess Nolan Ryan's mother-in-law passed away & she wanted to attend those services. They told her it was alright, to go to her family dinner. Boy was she surprised that not only her immediately family was there, but 100 or so of her other family & close friends too!!

Meal fit for a king & drinks aplenty, although Rose now wonders why she didn't drink more. One beer & a wine was it for her. I'm sure other Walter's in attendance made up for her ;-) Big band also played for the party. Nicole & Mark drove up from Austin for the evening as well.

Sunday they all gathered at Terry & Meg's for a catered meal & visit.

Monday they flew from Sunny Texas back to Sunny Arizona.

It's Tuesday afternoon in Minnesota & I get to look out my window and see white BEAUTIFUL snowflakes gently falling to the ground. Yes, you can be jealous of that in Arizona!!!

*** Few notes....cousin Jill is pregnant with her second girl & due in July. Cousin Jeff has a new business that he is trying to get franchised. Sounded like a Cold Stone Creamery with it being ice cream cookie sandwiches or something. She told me the name but I forgot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh Lisa you got that all down pat great job Love, Mom

6:20 PM  
Blogger Jennie said...

with such good details, we don't even have to be there to enjoy it!

9:41 PM  

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