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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've got 2 more appointments for plasma donation this week. I think I'll be skipping it the month of March. They changed the payout schedule and although you get paid the same amount for the whole month, it's different for each visit. I was hoping to do it every other week & with how they pay now, that wouldn't work for me.

At my last appointment, the guy next to me was talking with the technician & telling her he used to donate 8 years ago & then asked her what has changed in that time. She said the big thing was the time it took. Back then it took around 3 hours for the whole process. Today, I'm usually done in 90 mintues, sometimes 75. Then he said how the payout back then was a 20/30 split so about $200/month. Today it's $240/mo. It's gone up a WHOPPIN' $40 in 8 years!!!!!

But, as shocking as that was.....here was the part that really got us. The technician told us what they get on Average....for our bag of plasma. Are you sitting down!? They get about $1000. for EACH bag we give!!!!!! Wholly crap!!! Even if they double what they pay us...say $50/time....that's still a ton of profit!

While I like doing it for the extra money, time away, & helping others, it's been hard to get there 2x/week. SO I guess we'll see what the payment plan is for April. They were just testing Feb & March to see how this new plan went. I hope they change it back.


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