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Monday, February 25, 2008

New Workout Plan...Week 1 Day 1

Well I haven't been able to set up my fitness blog so I have to keep track here I guess. So you can skip reading since this is pretty much notes to myself! Stacie, you can keep reading if you want, maybe you'll get some new ideas for when you are done w/ the couch25k program;-)

I haven't reached my goal weight yet & so I really need to try something else. I've been working out for 5 months now & I guess I need to try something else to see if I can't reach the goal in the next few months. Back in October when I started I had a number that I wanted to reach by March. Well I never documented what that number was, but I think I'm there but now I have a NEW number (my wedding weight number..which back then I felt fat & now long to be that size, funny huh!?!) cause I still have some problem areas I don't like. So I need to lose 10 pounds, 15 would be better. Shouldn't be hard right? Damn it is! I almost think it's easier to have a larger number to lose than smaller. If people can lose 20, 30, 40, or even 50 pounds, why is 10 so hard!?!? Come on body, it's really not that much, why are you doing this to me!?!? I would like to get there so I can lessen up my gym visits cause I'm starting to get burnt out. Thus the reason to try something new too I suppose.

My usual routine has been pretty much the treadmill, maybe a little elliptical here & there. And why not play on the weight machines a little too. Basically zero on that, maybe 5 - 10 mins a week.

The gym has recently added an infrared sauna like this one. Hmmm now that I google it & see the price, maybe we skip our vacation plans this year & get one of these for home. It'd lessen my time at the gym!! So anyhow, I've used it a few times & still skeptical about how it says 30 mins sitting in it is comparable to a 30 min workout. Well I was talking to a girl who was in there the same time as me about that & she had a heart rate monitor on & her heart rate was 120 while sitting there, her normal rest rate I think she said was around 60. So I guess I would consider it a light workout, like compared to 30 mins on the bike or something. So last night I was in there & again conversing with another member & he was one of the lucky ones that got chosen for the FREE TRAINER program they had started 3 weeks ago. They choose 10 people, I signed up but didn't get picked. Anyhow, he told me what they are having him do & I'm gonna try the plan on my own for 6 or 8 weeks & see what happens. It's really quite simple. I did it tonight & really got sore from it! I've never been sore in the 5 months I've been working out so it's obvious to me I'm working muscles I haven't worked yet!

This is what I did tonight & will do the same 2 more times this week. They say 3x week. I go to the gym more than that so I'll probably do my 45-60 mins of cardio on my off days. It was so wierd tonight just doing 15 mins of cardio!

Ok, so first I warmed up by walking on the treadmill at a good pace (4.0) for 5 mins. Then I ran for 5 mins (6.5). Then I immediately went to the weight machines. There are enough machines to vary it up, but the plan is to do 14 reps at 7 different stations. I did that.......and then back to the treadmill for a 2 min run ( I think I did 6.5 -7.0) to get the heart rate back up again. Then after that back to the stations.....7 of them again doing 14 reps at each station. Then I hit the elliptical for 2 mins, very fast. The whole thing should take about 30 mins, I was done in 28, so I went to the treadmill & ran for another 2 mins at 6.0 or 6.5, can't remember.

Then I sat in the sauna for 30 minutes.

Have I mentioned how sore I am right now!? Holy, that was a workout I am not used to for sure!! I'll have to watch the weights next time, I think I may have done a couple of machines a little too high!!

Hopefully I'm back on track now with something new to do. I really liked the Couch25k program cause it gave me something to follow. I hope this does the same. BTW, the guy I talked to last night (who was overweight & just joined/started exercising in January also started weight watchers. He's lost 15 pounds so far he said.) So he's doing great sticking to his New Year's Resolution!


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