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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Iowa - Friday Update

We made it Des Moines just after noon on Friday. It was a little shorter drive than we had planned so that was nice. And the drive really went fast too, not use to driving on the Interstate so much where you can go 77 mph! We drove right up to the civic center without any problems & was able to drive in so Phil could unload all his cards & stuff.

I left Phil & Nick to go check into the hotel. About a mile before we got to the civic center, our gas light came on & it did say we had 30 miles to go before we were empty. So my first stop was to find a gas station. I got back in the van & now it said 0 miles to empty! Talk about freaking out!! I asked the guy as I was leaving where the nearest gas station was. Go left here, then right, then over that bridge, then left, then another right & if there isn't one there, then there will be one a little ways down. Ya, ok, try to remember all THAT! Downtown Des Moines, all these one way streets, empty gas tank.

So I start to follow his directions, see the bridge he was talking about, but I was 2 lanes over & no way to get over there w/ all the traffic. So I ended up turning the other way & thankfully see a gas station a block away! Phew, I made it.

Next stop the hotel. I had directions from the civic center to the hotel, but the gas station stop messed me up a little. I still managed to find the place. Notice there is NO parking lot. Loading/unloading zone in front & that was it. So I go to check in & find out I can either have valet parking for $15 or the city garage across the street for $9/day. Well I start hauling our stuff in & a DOORMAN comes to help me. I've never stayed at a hotel with a doorman!

I get checked in & then go back to move the van to the parking garage. Came back to get unpacked, rest for awhile before I head out to check some thrifts out. I went to 2 thrifts & then found a pizza place & got a pizza. I had luck at one of the thrifts with finding a 3 pc ST JOHN outfit!! I'm hoping it does well that it pays a good chunk of the weekend!! It's really nice & I can't wait to get it listed!!

I got back to the hotel & as I was going up to my room, a couple of guys got off on the 2nd floor & I notice it says SKYWALK. So after I got done eating, it was about 7 & the show was over at 8. So I had an hour before I had to go pick Phil & Nick up. Well I went to the front desk to ask about the SKYWALK & they said it does go to the civic center. So I thought I'd try it out. It was a ways to walk, but all indoors so no biggie. I found the place & sat at the show for the last 45 mins. I think Nick liked the Skywalk. Today he asked if he could walk back in the sky...that sky thing, whatever it's called! LOL

After they ate, we hit the pool/hot tub/exercise room/sauna. Then we came back to the room & relaxed. Got up this morning to the alarm clock. It went off at 6:20. Definately gonna complain about that & tell them to make sure their cleaning people check that it is turned off from the previous guests!! That sucked.

Got up about 8:30 & Phil & Nick left for the card show about 9:30. It runs today from 10-6 & then after he gets all packed up, we'll head home. Yesterday the big names he saw were Sparky Anderson & Dieon Sanders. Today is Harmon Killebrew, Andre Dawson & I can't remember who else.

He really hasn't sold a whole lot, but is having a great time. He had heard that he might get an offer from another dealer there to buy out all his stuff. So we'll see. He'd only get 20% of what it's worth, so not sure if he will do it or not. He has been into collecting cards for the last 10 years so I'm curious to see what he decides & if he does get an offer. It would mean he wouldn't have to pack all the crap back up!! He said, ya that right there is worth $100!!

Off to shower & then I have until 6:00 to shop!!

Oh, I have checked in at home & sounds like all is going well. Ashley is doing great & it helps that we have such good kids!!! LOL Sounds like Zach is entertaining himself & Lexi is a big help. Very big relief for me cause I was so worried about leaving them! My first time leaving Zach overnight with someone other than his dad!


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