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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Toilet, It Runneth Over

Toilet problems, TWO days in a row!

Last night, Eric comes out of the bathroom & said the toilet won't go down. Ok, Eric, HOW LARGE OF A CRAP did you take?!!? He claims he didn't. Whatever.

Gave him the plunger & said get to work. Well he had no luck. I had no luck. Got some Drano & no luck. Used more Drano & FINALLY it broke loose. Then Eric comes up with the idea that MAYBE it was the stuff he & Nick flushed down. New Year's Eve they did some of Nick's lab experiment kit that he got for Xmas. I don't think that stuff should of been flushed down the toilet. It was some snow or something they made. They also left the cup sit out & Zach dumped it all out. I made the mistake of trying to vacuum it up. Not smart. Bigger mess for us to clean up. Who got him THAT gift?!?!

Then today. Zander is in the upstairs bathroom & comes up & says something about the toilet paper. Well usually he summons me to wipe for him, but today he did it himself. Well I went in there & didn't look like he overdid the toilet paper, but I went ahead & flushed again & whoosh! Water comes pouring out all over, flooded the whole bathroom floor to the door. That was fun to clean up!

Let's see what tomorrow brings. I'm hoping it's calm as the kids head back to school & it's just Z & Z & me!


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