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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Bloody Tampons!

Ok, probably the wrong way to title this post, right?! heheh

I'm telling you this tampon cycle is never ending!

Tampax Pearl on sale for 6.99 for 40 pack. $2 Easy Saver Coupon (Walgreens) and I also had a $2 coupon from the machine from previous visits. That brings it down to $2.99. Pretty good, but not enough for me! I cut a coupon from this weeks inserts that if you but a 40 pack of Pearl, you can get a free smaller pack (the 4.29 ones). So I used that as well so got 2 packs for $3.00!! So we'll say $2 for the big pack & $1 for the smaller one!

In case you think it never happens to you, well it does happen to me too. I got overcharged again. So now I have to go back. I bought the Pantene that was on sale for 2.99 & they had a .50 coupon so 2.49 & then I had $1.50 mfg coupon so it should of been $1.00. Well it rang up as 3.99 & then didn't take the .50 coupon off! So that was $1.50 difference.

I had to go back a couple of weeks ago too when they had the girls tights on sale. I picked up three pairs for Lexi. They were on sale for .99/each & they had a coupon. The lady said the coupons weren't working for some reason so was manually fixing it or doing whatever she had to do to get it to ring up as .99/each. Well I didn't check my receipt until I got home & saw that it did ring the 3 pairs up as .99, but the first pair she tried never got deleted. So I got charged 1.69 for nothing! I took the receipt back in & explanied what happened & wasn't sure if they would be able to correct it since I had nothing to return, but they could see what happened & gave me my money back. Now I have to do another return...and then rebuy. Augh.


Blogger j.lundgren said...

my coworkers say there could be a black market for tampons here. we could try and sell them like we do corn/beans/wheat. Buy low, sell high, that's our motto.

4:10 PM  

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