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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting Ready....

For the Weekend! Phil, Nick, & I are going to Des Moines. We are leaving Fri morning & won't be back until late Sat night.

My first time leaving Zachary!!! I've left him for a night with Phil, but this is the first time with someone else.

I've been writing things down & hoping I'm not forgetting anything! I wrote some phone numbers down to in case she needs help. Six different people too many!?!?!

Tammi will come over Fri morning to watch Z & Z until Ashley gets here in the afternoon. Then Ashley will have the 3 of them!!

Yes I'm nervous about leaving them!!! And it's not with grandma!!!! I don't feel ok leaving until they are about 2!! As long as she doesn't lock herself out of the house with the kids inside (something I did when Nick was a baby!!!) all will be well!!


Blogger j.lundgren said...

ok, no need to check the blog for the weekend then! I'll look for the updates on Sunday night!

4:34 PM  
Blogger sfischer18 said...

What are you up to there? I am sure that everything will be fine. Just remember to relax and enjoy it and not to worry too much. Shannon

5:03 PM  

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