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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Our little swimming bug......

We went swimming last night. Yep, even in my 39th week I managed to get my butt into the water. Paying for it today though!! I had a horrible night last night. Phil thought I was in labor with all my moaning/groaning I was doing! It hurt so much to roll over. Feeling somewhat better today. Did pass on a shopping trip to Mankato though. My back just KILLS me when I walk to much or stand in the same spot too long. So Nick & Phil went....heading to Sam's Club (sample day!).

Lexi had SUCH a blast in the pool last night. She just LOVED it. I don't know if it was the last month of watching Nick at swimming lessons or what. But she was going under the water, jumping in, going face first. Not one bit afraid at all. She would even yell "CANNON BALL" before she jumped in!! Should be a fun summer with her in the water.

Nick of course loves it too. He had to show us all that he had learned in swimming lessons.

I'm actually surprised the stress of the place didn't put me into labor. It was a free swim night sponsored by the clinic & the place was just packed.

Well, grandma & grandpa may make it home in time yet before this baby comes. I'm giving up on it. They should be back next weekend & with my luck I'll still be pregnant. I did have the diahrrea again last night but my doctor said I need to be throwing up too. Dang.


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