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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Doctor Appointment/ Swimming lessons update!

I had a doc appt on Thursday. No real changes....still at a one but he said I have dropped from last week. He could feel the head. Will see him again next week. Down to a couple of weeks now!

Nick's last night of swimming lessons was last night. He had them 3x/week for a month. He REALLY improved. He only needs to work on his back floats/back kicks. Otherwise, he did great in all the other tests they did. We'll enroll him in Level 1 again next fall.

Dropped Nick & daddy off at the sledding hill today & Lexi & I went grocery shopping. $150 later, we should be set for awhile...........once the baby comes who knows when I'll get to the store again!!

Catching up on laundry & gonna nap this afternoon!


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